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LULA – The Affordable Commercial Elevator

lula6There are a number of reasons why your company may be in the need for an elevator system in your commercial setting. Whether it is to meet ADA requirements or to provide accessibility for your clients and employees, Area Access has an affordable, code-compliant solution – LU/LA Elevators.

Limited Use Limited Application Elevators are designed for ADA compliance when a traditional passenger elevator is not a feasible or an affordable option. These elevators are a low-cost, highly functional alternative when in a low occupancy/ low rise commercial setting. They are ideal for applications up to six stops and 25 feet of travel, or 40 feet with county approval. The LU/LA provides an excellent solution for use in schools, churches, apartment complexes, libraries, small businesses, and more.



Cost Comparison

There are many factors to account for when determining the price differences between a Commercial LU/LA and a Commercial Passenger Elevator. Every situation requires a different level of construction and architectural planning. Given that the LU/LA has a smaller required hoistway footprint and the shortest overhead and elevator pit requirements in the industry, it is undeniable that you will save money on construction costs. On top of this, the LU/LA equipment, installation costs, maintenance, and annual Inspection are substantially lower than that of a passenger elevator.

The LU/LA is not perfect or applicable in every situation due to code limitations and use limitations. Simply contact us and we will help you determine if it is the best and acceptable lift for your situation. Sometimes you may even have a cheaper alternative that fits your scenario!


  • 42” W x 54” D (Standard)
  • Power Supply: 230, 1HP, 30 Amp, 6 Hz
  • Capacity: 1400# (635kg)
  • Speed: 30FPM (.1 m/s)
  • Warranty: 36 months

Safety Features

  • Keyed in-car stop switch
  • Emergency lighting in cab interior
  • Emergency lowering with battery backup system
  • Emergency manual lowering
  • Instantaneous safety brake system
  • Automatic bi-directional floor leveling
  • Slack/broken cable safety brake device
  • Over speed valve
  • ETL, UL or CSA certified components
  • Emergency backup power supply for lights and door operators
  • Tactile/Braille characters
  • Buffers

Platform Features

  • 48” W x 54” D (Standard)
  • 42” W x 54” D (Standard)
  • 42” W x 60” D (Optional)
  • 90 degree 51” W x 51” D (Optional)

Optional Features

  • Custom wood cabs
  • Stainless steel and colored laminate interior finishing
  • Car door finishes: White, Ivory, Black, Grey, and Vintage Bronze
  • Over speed governor
  • Speed:  40 FPM with variance
  • Up to 8’0″ (96″) Clear cab height (with additional overhead, wood only)
  • Fire rated cab gates
  • 25’ travel (standard) and 40′ (optional) with variance and derated capacity
  • 3 Phase motor and controller (208, 3PH, 30AMP)
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 Fire Service
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